White House Says Tesla Will Open Superchargers To All EVs

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Tesla's charging network will grow and add compatibility with other EVs.

At the tail end of June, the White House made an announcement that could potentially change how EV owners charge their cars. A raft of new private sector investments will expand EV charging accessibility across the US. The $700 million investment will come from Biden's $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. It also means big changes for Tesla, Electrify America, and others.

However, the headline here is a promise from Tesla. Soon, it will not just be a Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y parked up outside a Supercharger. Per the White House's announcement, Tesla will open its proprietary Supercharger network to other non-Tesla EVs.

Tesla Electrify America/Kia Tesla 2020-2022 Tesla Model Y Side View Tesla
2020-2022 Tesla Model Y Side View

Per the White House announcement, "Later this year, Tesla will begin production of new Supercharger equipment that will enable non-Tesla EV drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers." This will sound familiar to some. Tesla has recently initiated a small-scale open-access pilot in Europe. When that started, we said that a similar move in America would require a switch to the industry standard CCS plug, and that is clearly going to be the case.

On a broader note, the White House aims to increase American electric car manufacturing capacity. It wants 250,000 chargers built per year, a simply massive number. Right now, there are north of 1,100 Superchargers currently in use across the US. Even adding those to existing infrastructure would make a big difference for many Americans.

Electrify America Tesla Electrify America Driving Front Angle Tesla
Driving Front Angle

Also discussed in the brief was a new $450 million investment into Electrify America by Siemens and Volkswagen Group. The White House says that these new investments will "support the rapid deployment of up to 10,000 ultra-fast chargers at 1,800 charging stations, more than the number of high-power chargers available in the United States today."

At this point, we expect to begin to see a fundamental change in the availability and reliability of American charging infrastructure. Nearly every manufacturer has committed to a fully or largely electric future and having American infrastructure match that by the end of this decade will be critical in seeing EV adoption through. For now, we do not know how quickly Tesla will begin rolling out these open Superchargers.

Tesla WattLOL via reddit BMW/Electrify America 2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 Forward View Tesla
2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 Forward View

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