Tesla Superchargers Open To Competing EVs Soon

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They open in America just as soon as Tesla gets cash from the Feds.

Documents found on Tesla's website, as well as screenshots from customers, indicate that the brand will open its Supercharger network in the US to other EV brands. Soon, in addition to being able to charge Tesla vehicles like the Model Y, owners of other EVs will be able to take advantage of the network. Musk announced the move at a conference in May this year, saying "It's a little trickier in the US because we have a different connector than the rest of the industry, but we will be adding the rest of the industry connector as an option to Superchargers in the US."

For now, the only obstacle standing in Tesla's way is the access to Federal Government funds it has sought to extend the network. Tesla also appears to be considering two membership plans for those who don't own a Tesla. If you do own one, Superchargers are available for use the instant you take ownership of your Tesla.


Tesla will offer non-owners two choices if they want to make use of the network- either Pay Per Use or membership models. The membership offers a lower price per kWh. Reportedly, the price will be just $0.99 a month. We find that a little hard to believe, as other services are priced much higher. Electrify America, for example, requires you to deposit a fixed dollar amount per use that is much higher.


Self-proclaimed "$TSLA investor" Sawyer Merritt caught the moment the Tesla app offered him the option to sign up, but just moments later it disappeared. It's likely the $0.99 mark was just a placeholder of some kind, soon to be replaced by a real figure once Tesla's service goes live.

However, documents on Tesla's website give insight into how the program will work. First, you'll need a separate membership for each Tesla Account. Second, each of those memberships is limited to five Supercharger charging sessions per day. It's unclear when the reset period is, but we imagine it's either midnight or 24 hours since your last charge.


The terms on Tesla's site also state that "Membership renews automatically on a monthly basis for a fee charged at the start of each month." Additionally, Tesla says that non-Tesla vehicles may access certain Wall Connectors on the same pay-per-use basis. For now, it's unclear when Tesla plans to roll out the service beyond its original September 2022 timeline.


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