Tesla Superchargers With Magic Dock Spotted Charging A Rivian R1T

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A Rivian R1T was used as a test vehicle for the new charger.

The first sightings of new Tesla Superchargers equipped with Magic Dock adapters have popped up in New York and California, making it possible for non-Tesla EVs to use the expansive Supercharger network.

This comes just weeks after the White House confirmed that the Supercharger network would open up to other EV automakers. It marks a change of heart after Tesla said it wanted other EVs to adopt its proprietary plug design last year.

The latest Superchargers are compatible with the common CCS charging standard. One Reddit user named u/Fxsx24 posted images of the magic dock being installed and tested in the town of Verona, New York, where a Rivian R1T pickup was spotted. More images of Superchargers with the magic dock were seen in California, too. This is a promising development considering these new Tesla Superchargers were only expected by late next year.


According to the White House, Tesla plans to have 3,500 new and existing Superchargers along highway corridors, along with 4,000 slower chargers based at locations like hotels, by the end of 2024. These 7,500 chargers will all be compatible with non-Tesla EVs, which can access these stations using the Tesla app.

Tesla isn't getting nothing in return, though. The EV giant will benefit from billions in government subsidies by opening up its Supercharger network, which accounts for about 60% of all the fast chargers in the United States.

By making Superchargers equipped with the magic dock available, the Biden administration has a much better chance of meeting its goal for half a million chargers to be installed by 2030.


Tesla already began opening up its Supercharger network in Europe in 2021, so the experience of doing this will likely speed up the rollout in North America. The Magic Dock can be retrofitted on an existing Supercharger that only has the brand's proprietary plug called the North American Charging Standard (NACS). The device allows other EVs to charge but retains the unique connector for Tesla models.

For first-time users of the Magic Dock, there is a QR code alongside the charging point that will take them to a Tesla website page with instructions on how to charge their non-Tesla vehicle.

The worry for Tesla owners must be the likelihood of longer waiting times at these open-to-all Superchargers. After all, the number of new Teslas hitting the road is still rising rapidly, especially when it comes to the Model Y and Model 3.


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