Tesla Teased An Electric Pickup During The Semi And Roadster Reveal

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The Roadster wasn't the only surprise during the Tesla Semi reveal event.

Tesla has been coming under heavy fire over the Model 3's notorious production issues these past few weeks. And yet overnight everyone was suddenly praising Tesla thanks to the reveal of not one but two major reveals that could revolutionize the auto industry. First up was the world debut of Tesla's much-anticipated semi-truck, which surpassed everyone's expectations with an impressive 500-mile range and a 0-62 mph time of just five seconds without a trailer attached. The biggest surprise, however, was the reveal of the all-new Roadster.

Its claimed performance figures are absolutely mind-blowing: 0-60 mph takes 1.9 seconds before it tops out at over 250 mph. This wasn't the only surprise during the event, however. During the the Semi and Roadster reveal event, Elon Musk presented an image previewing a potential electric pickup which has been long-rumored. It wasn't just an ordinary pickup, either: "It's a pickup truck that can carry a pickup truck" the CEO announced at the event. Based on the Semi truck's architecture, Musk said it can be driven with a regular driver's license which he admitted is "kind of wrong." The CEO even hinted at the project back in September on Twitter.

When someone asked Musk about the possibility of a light duty Tesla pickup, he replied: "What if we just made a mini version of the Tesla Semi?" Whether it goes into production remains to be seen, as it could just be a design study showing how the Semi's technology can be adapted into a vehicle that anyone can drive which is an admittedly exciting prospect when you look at its specifications. Given the popularity of pickups in America, it would make sense for Tesla to electrify the segment, but it probably isn't high on the company's priority list right now.


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