Tesla Tire Inflation Patent Hints At Future Off-Road Models

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Automatic tire inflation system should also benefit the entire range.

Automatic tire inflation technology is not exactly new, but current systems do leave a lot to be desired and they have yet to trickle down to the mainstream automotive market. Elon Musk is looking to change all that.

According to Teslarati.com, one of the recent patent applications for the Tesla Semi titled "Automatic Tire Inflation System with Thru-Hub Air Feed," described a system allowing Tesla's vehicles to inflate or deflate their tires on the move. The patent shows the system being applied to the Semi. However, there is no reason why it should not also be made available on current and upcoming models too.

During the recent third-quarter announcements, Elon reiterated that there is good progress being made on a number of Tesla's upcoming models such as the new Roadster, Model Y and as well as the pickup truck.

Integrating this Automatic Tire Inflation System (ATIS) into these vehicles would pave the way for enhanced off-road ability, not particularly useful in the Roadster but a great tool for any off-road capable Tesla models. Lowering the air pressure in a tire increases the contact patch on the road and makes traversing sand or snow for easier.

This can also be of benefit to Model 3 and S owners who live in snowy areas around the US and need that extra bit of traction during the winter months. Off-road capable variants of the Model X and Y could also be in the cards, and the Tesla Pickup, which Elon is particularly excited about, could be a serious mountain climbing EV with ATIS, individually controlled electric hubs at each wheel and the right kind of tire and suspension system fitted. Tesla Pickup Raptor anyone?

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