Tesla To Upgrade Interiors To Volvo XC90 Levels Of Luxury


Finally Tesla addresses the one thing holding it back from the mainstream luxury industry.

On initial impression, Tesla seems to have it all. Stylish cars that can beat Hellcats on the drag strip, daily drivers that offer suitable comfort for a family, buried in the latest technology while saving the environment, and costing a fraction to maintain given the lack of an engine and the absence of a gas bill. That being said, there’s one or two areas in a Tesla that leave a bit to be desired. Most notable is the interior, which, as Electrek reports, is about to get a huge upgrade.

Following the industry trend of poaching top talent from other automakers, Tesla has just gone ahead and nabbed Anders Bell, who used to be the Senior Director of Engineering for the Swedish automaker and also the Head of Interior Engineering. This is wonderful news for Tesla, which seems to have banked most of its cars’ appeal on technology rather than comfort or looks. This isn’t much of an offense for passenger cars sold to the average consumer, but with the Model S and X retaining the ability to be spec’d well past the $100,000 mark, that places both the sedan and SUV into luxury car territory. In this realm, buyers really do care about design and use of exotic materials.

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With established luxury brands like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Audi all getting closer to offering the same deal as Tesla, the EV manufacturer needs to step its luxury game up if it hopes to stay ahead. Recent offerings like the XC90 and S90 have shown that Volvo has the design chops needed to appeal to high-end customers, and if Bell can bring his eye for style to the Model S and X, the former of which happens to be reaching an age where a follow-up model may be needed, then Tesla may one day expand its customer base past the curious tech fan and onto the plane of the status symbol-obsessed luxury lover. Let’s just hope some of this will make it to the sparse interior of Tesla’s bargain option, the Model 3.