Tesla Trying To Buy Cars Back From Owners With Cleverly-Worded Text Messages

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Tesla is soliciting owners with text messages saying they might be "eligible for tax savings for trading in."

If you own a Tesla, you are in a highly desirable position. Due to the ongoing supply and demand crisis, any Tesla owner can likely sell their car within minutes for a neat profit.

We already know that used Teslas are worth more than new models and that Tesla changed its lease policy to give it more control over its used fleet.

Demand has become so immense that Tesla is now sending unsolicited text messages urging owners to get a free valuation for their vehicle if only to be more informed given the current market climate. There's also a slight sales pitch near the end, stating that the owner might be "eligible for tax savings for trading in."

Read into it what you will, but to us, it looks like a thinly disguised purchase offer.

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A screengrab of the text sent to user asimo3089 was first placed on the Tesla Reddit group. Naturally, people were skeptical that Tesla was communicating via text and not via the official Tesla app. Still, the original poster soon confirmed that follow-up messages sent them to Tesla's trade-in page.

Soon other users were pitching in, saying they received the exact text. "They're offering as much for my Model X as I paid for it years ago with 40k fewer miles on it. I'm mighty tempted," wrote kdavis37.

It also appears that Tesla is willing to stick to the offer, even if you're not interested in a new model. "Text came from the delivery center, which last sent me a message in September of 2021 when I took delivery of my current vehicle. I found it interesting that their offer appears to stand even if you're not trading in. I wrote back just to snoop around with what they offer but so far I haven't heard back," wrote the original poster, asimo3089.

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While Tesla is currently in trouble with the Feds, the American EV manufacturer seems to be immune to any sort of controversy. Demand is at an all-time high, and Tesla is riding a wave of success in the luxury segment globally. Elon Musk is well on his way to becoming the world's first trillionaire, which is an extraordinary achievement.

We're actually surprised Tesla is only now catching on to how valuable its cars are, used or not.

A year ago people started flipping the Model S Plaid, netting a neat profit. When new, the Plaid retailed for roughly $120,000, and some lucky owners sold them on less than a month later for $190,000.

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