Tesla Tutorial Explains Model 3 And Model Y Tech In New YouTube Video Series

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The automaker has created easy-to-understand videos for new owners.

Both the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have been around for quite some time now but, thanks to incredibly strong sales across the globe, more and more people are getting behind the wheel of the company's smaller models. In order to support this ever-growing client base, the automaker has released several informative videos on its YouTube channel, with each one explaining how key technologies work.

In the first of the seven videos, Tesla explains how to use some of the essential features. Things such as entering the vehicle, charging, and regenerative braking are explained. While these things may sound obvious to a seasoned EV driver, it's not that easy for those who have purchased their first electric vehicle.

Similarly, other Tesla quirks - such as the unique keycard entry system and door handles - are also explained.

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Of course, charging is also covered in extensive detail, in a separate video. As mentioned, individuals that are new to EVs won't be clued up on how to charge an electric vehicle, so these brief, concise clips are useful. Here, viewers are told how to charge, and what's the best solution for their needs. Other information - such as charging locations and Tesla Superchargers - is also covered.

Another video extols the virtues of Autopilot, a feature that has become rather controversial in recent months. While the driver-assist system certainly has its uses, it has come under fire after multiple Autopilot-equipped Teslas were involved in serious accidents in the United States.

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It seems Tesla is aware of this and prefaces the video with a disclaimer of sorts. "AutoPilot consists of features that make your car safer and more convenient to drive. We're excited about the future but, today, you must be fully attentive and have your hands on the wheel at all times while driving, regardless of what features are active," explains the narrator.

Hopefully, new Tesla owners will take this message to heart, as many people (including non-Tesla drivers) believe they can palm off driving responsibilities to the various advanced driver assist systems.

The rest of the videos focus on other aspects of the Model 3 and Model Y, such as software. Here, owners are told to keep their vehicles connected to Wi-Fi as much as possible, as it enables the vehicle to receive over-the-air updates immediately.

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When parked in your driveway, for example, the vehicle will connect to the internet at home. Once an update is available, both the vehicle and the Tesla app will notify you of this and allow you to upgrade your car over the air. Other videos deal with the physical controls within the vehicle, how to operate the feature-rich touchscreen, and even the support available to Tesla drivers.

The "support" video recommends rebooting the vehicle should any issues pop up, and instructs drivers on how to do this. If that doesn't work, Tesla's roadside assistance service is on hand to help you, should you become stranded on the side of the road.

It's great to see an automaker provide this education to buyers, as it explains important information in a simple-to-digest manner - still, it's no replacement for a sit-down session with the owner's manual.

2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 Driving Back View Tesla

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