Tesla Wants $350 For 1 TB Hard Drive

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You need this new hard drive to keep all the features operational.

Tesla wants even more of your money for a solid-state drive to store all of the new features it recently introduced.

This new feature has nothing to do with the powertrain and isn't a new battery upgrade. It's a hard drive that offers more space for things like games and Tesla's Sentry Mode Videos. It's yours for $350. As Tesla continues to roll out new technology, such as Sentry Mode and TeslaCam, its vehicles require more storage space, and this costly add-on is its answer to the problem.

This comes at a time when Americans are still slow on the uptake, and prohibitive pricing is one of the main factors keeping buyers at bay.

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Features like TeslaCam record videos from Tesla's Autopilot cameras for security reasons, and all that video footage needs to be stored somewhere. For years, Tesla owners have been using third-party USB drives and SSDs to store this type of data, and now Tesla has delved into the gaming world, which opens up a whole other can of worms. The company recently launched Steam in Model S and Model X vehicles, which allows users to select from a massive catalog of games, all of which need hard drive space to install.

Tesla's new SSD hard drive was recently listed on its online shop. "Store everything. From Tesla Arcade games to Dashcam footage, our 1 TB Solid State Drive (SSD) allows you to save all your vehicle data in one place," the production description on the website reads.

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Tesla claims it's automotive-grade and designed for durability, withstanding extreme cabin temperatures, vehicle shocks, and vibrations.

This 1TB drive costs nearly three times what you'd pay for one in the real world, but Tesla has been known for overcharging on its accessories: who can forget the Tesla Cybertruck whistle? Or those $75 sipping glasses?

Slapping a brand name on an otherwise ordinary product and selling it for a considerable profit is nothing new, and Tesla knows this all too well.

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