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Tesla Wants to Ditch Side Mirrors

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And it'll likely end up doing it too.

We're accustomed to seeing slick side mirrors on concept cars. For the most part, those "mirrors" contain small cameras that send images of what's happening on both sides of the car back to the driver via an in-dash display. It's a pretty cool thing, but it's never made it to production. But now Tesla – surprise, surprise – wants to change that. Alongside Elon Musk's recent Hyperloop technology announcement, the real-life Tony Stark is also keen to ditch conventional side mirrors. Musk wants cameras instead.

The upcoming Model X crossover, for example, had cameras built into the doors when it was still a concept. Due to government regulations, however, Tesla was forced to replace them with regular side mirrors. But Tesla isn't giving up on the issue. In an effort to reduce wind resistance and to just basically push new technologies whenever possible, Tesla is currently in talks with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in order to get permission to put side cameras into production. If approved, Tesla will likely force the rest of the auto industry to follow suit at some point.

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