Tesla Was Not Lying About Semi Truck's Performance Specs

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But what about that claimed 500-mile range?

Not everyone believes the performance specs for the Tesla Semi Truck. The skepticism was particularly strong for its claimed 500-mile range. Tesla is still sticking to its numbers, but the problem is there's no way to prove otherwise until the trucks actually go on sale. That is, until now. Electrek has learned that Morgan Stanley managing director Michael Jonas managed to receive confirmation regarding those claims when speaking with XPO Logistics, one of the companies that assisted Tesla when it was testing Semi prototypes.

Alexis Georgeson/Tesla

"The Tesla semi has already received important validation from some customers. We spoke with mgmt. at XPO Logistics, one of the largest logistics companies in the country, that has been talking to Tesla on their EV semi for the past 18 months, including testing live prototypes. XPO mgmt. confirmed that in their testing, the features and capabilities of the truck mostly lived up to Tesla's claims at the launch event, including the performance vs. diesel trucks up a 5 percent grade (55 mph vs 45 mph), recharging time, safety/anti jackknifing features and payload (similar to a typical diesel truck, as confirmed by Tesla)." However, Jonas added that XPO has not confirmed that 500-mile range.

It's important to note that all of Tesla's other claimed specs appear to be accurate, so why be untruthful about the most important detail? Wouldn't that hurt sales and Tesla's reputation? Absolutely. As Electrek further points out, just because XPO is so far unable to confirm the 500-mile range, does not mean Tesla cannot achieve it. Furthermore, based on Tesla's current battery technology, that claimed range, especially with a full payload, does seem hard to achieve. However, it's also entirely possible Tesla is basing that figure on prototype batteries that have yet to be announced. Leave it to Tesla for technological breakthroughs, something it's proven very capable of doing. Meeting production deadlines is a different story.

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