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Tesla Was Telling The Truth: Model 3 Has 310-Mile Range

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However, this is not for the $35k entry-level car.

There was a time when just about everyone doubted Tesla. Yes, the EV automaker still has problems making its own production deadlines, but, generally speaking, it has delivered. It just hasn't made any money, but that's another story. Today we've learned that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed that the Tesla Model 3 has a maximum rated electric range of 310 miles. That figure is equivalent to 131 MPGe city and 120 MPGe highway, and 126 MPGe combined.

The EPA, assuming its math is correct, believes the new Model 3 will save owners around $4,500 over five years of ownership compared to the average new vehicle. It's important to note that this 310-mile rating only applies to the more expensive Model 3, not the $35,000 base model. Before tax breaks, you'll have to spend $44,000 for the higher-end Model 3. The base Model 3, not due to even begin production until sometime in 2018, has an estimated range of 220 miles. Given that Tesla was right on the mark with the higher-end Model 3, there's little reason not to believe that 220-mile range.

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This is all well and good, but Tesla is still, at this very moment, experiencing Model 3 production issues. Only around three units are built per day, but this is expected to dramatically change by this March when Tesla plans to build 5,000 Model 3s per week.