Tesla Will Be Jealous Of Rivian's Awesome New Feature

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Can the Tesla Cybertruck do this?

There's no doubt the Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most talked-about upcoming vehicles these days. Bu the all-electric pickup truck segment is about to kick off and Tesla's offering won't be the only player. The Rivian R1T and its SUV counterpart, the R1S, are set to hit the road later next year. Unlike a majority of startup companies, Rivian has some serious backers, among them Amazon and Ford. Only a few days ago did T. Row Price Associates invest a whopping $1.3 billion into the company.

And now there's another reason why we should all be excited by Rivian, its new feature called Tank Turn. This new video from Rivian shows us exactly what can be done with it: donuts. The electric truck's four-motor setup is what makes this possible because they can be independently powered in different directions at the same time. This allows for one side of the truck's wheels to be powered in one direction, while the other side's wheels go in the opposite direction. Pretty cool, huh?

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This is what tracks on a tank does, hence Rivian giving it the name Tank Turn. The included video shows this perfectly, though it's probably an awful lot easier to try this in the mud or gravel. The tires will appreciate avoiding doing this on asphalt. But in reality, this feature will probably be best used in off-road situations, though not necessarily doing muddy donuts.

One example could be when drivers need to pivot away from a large rock or tree when exploring some trails. Rivian previously said one of its main goals is to allow owners to perform serious off-roading, and Tank Turn helps to ideally fulfill that promise.

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Based in Plymouth, Michigan, Rivian previously announced the R1T and R1S will be priced from $69,000 and $72,500, respectively. Although this is quite a bit more than the Cybertruck's $39,000 base price, we'll just have to wait and see an apples to apples comparison test.

The Rivian R1T already has one thing likely to work heavily in its favor: a far more conventional exterior design. Love it or hate it, the Cybertruck is certainly polarizing. But can it do donuts like the R1T?

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