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Tesla Will Now Bring Your Model 3 Right To Your Doorstep

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In order to help the company speed up deliveries.

In recent weeks, we've been hearing about the trials and tribulations of Tesla as it pushes to deliver the Model 3 sedan to owners. Thanks to all of the initial pre-orders Telsa has had absurd sales figures that even trumped BMW's entire model lineup. Unfortunately, the company has been struggling to keep up with all of those deliveries and has had to scale back on options such as paint color to make the process easier. Electrek has discovered that in order to help deliver cars more quickly, Tesla is now offering a delivery service called 'Tesla Direct.'

Tesla is attempting to deliver as many cars as possible, so owners will now be able to have their car delivered right to their doorstep without having to go to a Tesla showroom. A Model 3 owner received an email from Tesla saying "This Saturday and Sunday we are offering free Tesla Direct service to your home or office. This is an exciting opportunity to get your hands on your car sooner and without having to go pick it up. A Tesla Customer Experience Professional will drive your car to your home or office." The email also added that the service is on a "first come, first serve basis," so this doesn't seem like a permanent fixture of Tesla's sales model, just a temporary offering to speed up deliveries.

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It may seem odd that Tesla would want to make its staff take time to go out and deliver cars to customers, rather than simply have them come in to pick up their car. With the volume Tesla is currently selling, showrooms are too crowded, and the Tesla Direct service should help alleviate the burden on delivery centers. We wouldn't mind having our new car delivered to our home, in fact, we'd actually prefer it. This decision comes after Tesla brought back free supercharging for any Model 3 that is sitting in inventory, and it should help ease Tesla's delivery struggles.