Tesla Will Reveal "Unexpected" New Product Next Week

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According to Musk.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just announced, via Twitter, that his electric car company will be unveiling an "unexpected" product on Monday, October 17. The big question, obviously, is "What will it be?" Musk didn't elaborate any further and Tesla representatives haven't responded to our requests for comment. Musk also stated on Twitter the same day that previously announced plans for an October 28 unveiling of a new solar roof jointly developed with SolarCity won't require for Tesla/SolarCity to raise equity or debt in the fourth quarter.


"Won't be necessary for either," Musk wrote. So, what could Tesla be unveiling next week? Well, our first guess would have been a new solar panel roof for Tesla vehicles, but Musk quickly debunked that. An advancement in autonomous driving technology? That's certainly possible, although we recently reported that the California Department of Motor Vehicles has issued Tesla a cease and desist order from using terms like "self-driving," "automated," or "auto-pilot." Tesla's announcement could be in response to that. Model 3 updates? Also possible, thing is, however, we've already seen pre-production models, so there's likely nothing new to show. We could keep speculating, or we could just wait a week and see what happens.


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