Tesla Will Start Refunding Cybertruck Reservations

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Australians who ordered the controversial EV can now apply.

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most controversial products in automotive history. First unveiled in 2019, the Cybertruck has been delayed several times. Things are not looking good, as Tesla Australia recently told customers that the Cybertruck would not be coming down under.

This year alone, the Cybertruck made the news twice without significant updates or changes. Tesla simply removed the delivery date from the website in early January. In June, it was reported that it would go on sale in 2023, so we'll likely only see it in 2027.

As of August 2021, Tesla had 1.2 million confirmed pre-orders, which cost $100 a pop. That means Tesla made roughly $120 million on reservations alone.

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A study conducted in 2020 revealed the breakdown of Cybertruck reservations. The US was far in the lead with 76.25%, followed by Canada on 10.43%. Australia placed third, with 3.16% of orders. Using the 2020 pre-order figures, that works out to roughly 38,000 orders.

The Cybertruck was removed from Tesla's Australian website in May 2022, and customers have been told that their refunds will be returned. The refund process will not be automatic, and Tesla's Australian customers will have to apply for their money to be returned.

It's not yet clear whether other countries will follow the same route. We know customers from Norway, Germany, Sweden, France, Iceland, and the Netherlands had access to pre-orders.

Tesla was highly ambitious, taking so many reservations for the Cybertruck. The Fremont factory only produced Tesla's two millionth car earlier this month after production started in 2010.

Removing the third largest customer pool from the list seems like an odd move and may hint that Tesla does not have the capacity to build 1.2 million Cybertrucks over the vehicle's lifespan.

It's also interesting to note that three prominent competitors have come along since the Cybertruck made its debut. Rivian was first out of the gate with the R1T, followed by Hummer's EV pickup and the Ford F-150 Lightning.

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