Tesla Will Unveil A New Model S Next Week And It May Look Like A Porsche

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This will be the first update that doesn't happen over the air.

As new as the Tesla Model S may seem, it's already four years old and in car years, this means a refresh should be coming soon. Despite the fact that all of Elon Musk's newer cars are consistently updated through Tesla's over the air updates, the company still needs to do things the old way when it comes to the car's hardware. Even though Tesla offers many features that other cars in its class lack, there are also elements missing from the Model S that cars like the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 series has.

According to what a source told CNET, Tesla will add refinement to the interior of the car to make it look more upscale and better compete with German luxury cars. The seats from the Model X will replace those found in the Model S, which have received criticism for lack of quality. This means that ventilated seats will become a Model S option. Additional interior storage compartments will add to new door pockets to give the already storage-friendly Model S ability to store more. The most obvious change that the exterior will get is a nose job. It won't be anything drastically different, but the Model S may end up with a nose that looks closer to the Model X and Model 3, which may stir some Porsche lawyers.

LED headlights will join the list of upgrades, along with a few new paint colors. Even though these upgrades are a necessary step forward that will enable the Model S to become even more competitive, there will also be unseen changes happening to the car as a whole. These modifications remain unnamed, but they will serve to speed up the production process on the Model S, something drastically needed if Tesla hopes to fill orders of the Mode 3 in time. Hopefully these changes will also solve some of the quality issues that plague some owners, but whether this actually happens or not, they will raise the price on the Model S by an unspecified amount. Expect to hear about these changes straight from Tesla in as soon as two weeks.

Source Credits: www.cnet.com

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