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Tesla Will Unveil A “Surprise” New Model This Week – What Could It Be?

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If we had to guess, it looks like Tesla will be lifting the covers off the production Roadster.

Turns out the Mercedes EQC won't be the only new EV making its world debut this week, as Tesla will also be unveiling a mystery new model. According to Electrek, invites have been sent out to Tesla owners for a chance to win two VIP tickets to the Grand Basel motor show on September 5, which is described as the "the ultimate show for automotive masterpieces," where Tesla will be showcasing a "surprise" new model.

Judging from the photo on the invite showing the model's sleek side profile, it will most likely be the production version of the new Tesla Roadster, a successor to Tesla's first-ever production car launched in 2008.

Given the show's focus on "automotive masterpieces," the Grand Basel motor show would be a fitting venue for Tesla to present its new flagship model to the world. Tesla also don't typically reveal new models at auto shows and instead launches new cars at standalone events.

The Roadster concept made its surprise debut during the Tesla Semi reveal event last November. While the event was supposed to focus on the Semi, the next-generation Roadster stole the show thanks to its stunning looks and mind-blowing performance.

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The production version is expected to retain the prototype's looks, but we should hopefully find out the car's final performance specifications. Last year, Elon Musk claimed the 2020 Roadster will pack a 200-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack delivering a range of 620 miles. No horsepower figures were revealed, but Tesla claimed that three electric motors will enable the Roadster to produce 7,375 pound-feet of torque and reach 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. And that's just the base model – Elon Musk has also suggested there will be an even faster SpaceX performance package available. We'll find out what Tesla has in store for the event in just a few days when the Grand Basel motor show opens its doors on September 6.