Tesla's Biggest Expansion Ever Is Happening Now

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And new employees are needed for key positions.

Vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 and the new Model S Plaid are popular for a reason. They look great inside and out, they're packed with technology, (mostly) eco-friendly, and they're trendy. Tesla seems to have worked out its past production issues and new factories in several countries are now in various construction stages. What's also happening right here in the US and elsewhere is a major expansion of the company's Supercharger network ahead of it being opened up to other EV brands.

The expected revenue from that expansion could be as much as $25 billion annually. If all goes to plan, this opening should happen by the end of the year but Tesla doesn't exactly have the best track record regarding deadlines.

Tesla Tesla

But work continues at a rapid pace. Per Electrek, a total of 26,900 Superchargers at 2,966 stations throughout the globe were added. That's an impressive 49 percent and 46 percent year-over-year growth. No one knows yet whether that'll be enough to support other EVs but we'll find out soon enough. It's also no guarantee owners from other EV brands will even bother using Tesla's services for a couple of reasons.

They'll first have to download the Tesla app in order to gain access to the stations. Tesla could have struck deals with other automakers to incorporate this ability into their own EV's via over-the-air updates. For whatever reason(s), it opted not to. And second, because there's no universal plug, these drivers will have to use an adapter.

2017-2021 Tesla Model S Driving Front Angle Tesla 2017-2021 Tesla Model S Side View Tesla 2017-2021 Tesla Model S Dashboard Tesla
2017-2021 Tesla Model S Driving Front Angle
2017-2021 Tesla Model S Side View
2017-2021 Tesla Model S Dashboard

Sounds simple enough, but this could create delays at stations as owners attempt to figure out the hardware. But the good news is that Tesla is steadily increasing the number of stations in already popular areas, such as Los Angeles. It's also on a hiring spree for positions such as Charging Infrastructure Design Managers in several major cities including Austin, Dallas, and Phoenix.

In Austin alone, Tesla aims to more than double the size of the Supercharging network. Tesla's network expansion timing is also ideal because the US government recently approved a $7.5 billion funding bill for EV infrastructure expansion.

Tesla Tesla
Source Credits: Electrek

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2017-2021 Tesla Model S Side View 2017-2021 Tesla Model S Driving Front Angle

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