Tesla's 'Full-Self Driving' Update 10 Is Still Pretty Scary

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Video footage is rolling in of Musk's latest upgrade.

Tesla pushed out version 10 of its "Full-Self Driving" system, which we'll remind you again is not full self driving but just a level 2 system, last week and video footage of the test dummies/beta testers has been rolling in. This latest comes from the Hyperchange channel on YouTube and its called monorail success. We're thinking the word "success" is being narrowly defined here, but the Model 3 did avoid hitting a few giant, easily avoidable stone pillars.

This is something the last version of FSD had a little trouble with. The latest update is also said to make the system better at navigating roundabouts while also smoothing out normal turns. But let's take a look at the first video below.


The driver is in downtown Seattle and he notes that it is much more crowded than his last test at night. We get a little fast forward time until we get to the spot with the pillars under the monorail. There are a few things to notice here. First, it does seem to read the bus lane and move over when it can, though it doesn't show the special lane on the screen.

The right turn is a little sloppy, and then the driver hits the turn signal as the pillars are on his left. The Model 3 does go for it, but slows down about halfway through, re-correcting before setting back off. The driver is as surprised as we were, saying he used to take over during the maneuver. We're surprised he didn't take over then. Obviously the comments on the video range from "that's awesome" to "that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen," it's YouTube after all. Later he admits to being scared using the tech near police officers, as they might think he's drunk. A ringing endorsement.


The second video is from Milwaukee and the action starts happening at about the 5-minute mark. The driver Rob Maurer from the Tesla Daily channel, says the system seems more aggressive than before. And it does zip around on the busy streets. A couple scary moments come in the first few minutes too, with the driver saying "well that was uncomfortable" after the Tesla accelerated towards a parked car.

As much as we disagree with these sort of beta tests without the public's permission on the street, "Full-Self Driving" seems to be getting better. But, we think, and NHTSA agrees, that they need to be near perfect to be safe. And so far, we've seen several incidents showing it's not there yet.

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2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Driving Back View
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