Tesla's Latest Idea Is Absolutely Bizarre

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Elon Musk is at it again.

Tesla is certainly no stranger to controversy. Major industry disruptors never are. And the California-based EV automaker has now launched a feature that is truly bizarre. CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter about his intention to introduce "customized horn and sound movements." Sounds kind of interesting, right? Perhaps at first but some of those include "fart and goat sounds." You read that right. We're scratching our heads, too. And yes, Musk is completely serious.

Obviously some Tesla Model S, Model 3, and Model X owners will find this both cool and entertaining. But the big question is whether or not customized horn sounds are even legal. Some quick research indicates they are in California. The remaining 49 states all have their own laws regarding this matter so it'll be interesting to see how Tesla will roll out this update. State by state? What about country by country? Does he really think all countries will allow fart noises coming from cars? Doubtful.

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Along with the customizable horn noises, Musk also wants to offer customized movement sounds. Yes, he means the sound an EV makes. Because EVs are silent, governments are forcing automakers to invent artificial sounds for all EVs. Safety depends on it, and this is where Musk's idea gets even weirder if that was even possible. He wants his EVs to have the sound of coconuts. Yes, coconuts, in reference to the sound of coconuts from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Still shaking your head? You're probably not the only one.

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Tesla has yet to officially confirm, via press release or on its blog, whether fart, goat, and coconut sounds are coming anytime soon. Given Musk's previous unconventional ideas and actions, such as sending his first-generation Tesla Roadster into space on a trip to Mars, we wouldn't at all be surprised to hear Teslas "fart" in the near future.

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