Teslas Will Now Charge Faster Than Ever

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The software update is a welcome improvement.

Tesla has been leading the electric vehicle market for some time now, and the way the company stays at the forefront of this niche is by continually improving its product offerings. This is how Tesla will fight to fend off the likes of Rivian, and this will have to continue if big corporations like Volkswagen are to be beaten. The latest update benefits Model S and Model X owners, who will now be able to use Tesla's Superchargers for a shorter period of time. At present, the maximum rate is 200 kilowatts, but the 2020.24.6 update now increases peak rates to 225 kW.

2017-2020 Tesla Model S Front Angle View Tesla
2016-2020 Tesla Model X Side View Tesla

Tesla's V3 Supercharger network is already impressive, but there's always room for improvement. According to release notes accompanying the software update, Model S and Model X vehicles will now be able to charge at up to 225 kW peak rate. As before, when you navigate to a Supercharger, the car you're in will automatically begin conditioning the battery to reduce charging time. This is done by heating the battery pack to optimum charging temperature. The idea is to minimize time at a charging station as much as possible, thus reducing range anxiety and making electric vehicles even more viable for the regular individual.

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2017-2020 Tesla Model S Rear View Driving Tesla
2016-2020 Tesla Model X Rear View Driving Tesla

What isn't abundantly clear is which Model S and X variants will benefit from this update. See, these cars don't have 93 kWh battery packs, but the 100 kWh packs in Performance and Long Range Plus variants have 93 kWh of usable capacity, which means that these will be the ones likely to benefit the most. One Tesla owner and hacker discovered coding that indicated that the "packconfig93" battery packs would be the ones receiving the update. If you're unsure of what that means for your Tesla, checking the battery pack version on your infotainment screen isn't too tricky to do.

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