Tesloogle Model S?

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A self-driving, electric sports car serving you ads as you're whisked away to work would bring us that much closer to Cyberdyne Systems.

Two leading innovative companies on the planet, Google and Tesla, are rumored to possibly be in talks to join forces. Google is fresh off the their recent billion dollar purchase of crowd sourced, traffic app, Waze. Tesla is in the process of moving into the battery swapping business to create a better Better Place. One area of interest here is Google's commitment to self-driving cars that we speculate Tesla could become involved with one day.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has remarked in the past that a buyout of Tesla Motors is a possibility. However, he recently remarked that he would not step away from Tesla until it creates a compelling mass-market car. All information currently being thrown around is pure speculation from the rumor mill, and we doubt the likeliness that a sale of Tesla to Google is in the cards. That being said we could imagine a partnership being launched between the two sometime in the future.

Source Credits: bloomberg.com

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