Test Driver Crashes Lamborghini Aventador; Goes for Spy Shooter

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CarPix photographer is on hand to document test driver losing control of an Aventador before losing control of his temper.

Having thought the car coming down the icy road in the Arctic Circle was an Aventador Roadster prototype, the spy photographer readied himself to snap away. As the car approached it was clear the Aventador was merely a standard hardtop, and it was equally clear the supercar was going a fair bit faster than the posted speed limit. Being in the right place at the right time is a sixth sense CarPix spy shooters are renowned for, and his position couldn't have been better to document the crash.

What he caught on camera is the driver losing control of the supercar before skidding through the intersection and crashing into a large snow bank. Fortunately, the driver and the car, came away from the mishap totally unharmed. Not content with walking away from the accident unscathed, the driver then "leaped out of the car, nearly falling down in the process, and came at our photographer in a fairly aggressive manner," according to CarPix. By the time an Audi A6 allroad, equipped with a winch, came to pull the raging bull out of the snow, things had calmed down somewhat.

The driver scooped the snow out of the car, realized the $400,000 test car was in good order, and flashed the photographer a big thumbs up; which was better than another finger he could have used.

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