Texan Spent Over $100k Building Ultimate Off-Road Desert Rally Fighter In Just 30 Days


Talk about money well spent.

This thing was built to drive fast over the most difficult desert terrain. And because no mainstream automaker offered something similar, Russell White simply went off and built his own desert rally fighter with his own bare hands. Because that's what Texans do. They take the initiative and get shit done. And it took him only 30 days to build from start to finish. Acknowledging that it can be dangerous at times, White says he collected many of the components from Local Motors in Arizona.

He actually went to their factory, used their tools and built this monster to completion. Power comes from a GM crate engine (an LS3 V8) with 430 hp and around 420 lb-ft of torque. All told, White invested over $100,000 into this thing. We consider it money well spent.

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