Texan Trades His C8 Corvette For A Mitsubishi Outlander

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This has to be one of the strangest swaps ever.

There are plenty of types of cars out there, with plenty of different types of people who buy them. But generally, people will replace an aging car with a newer and better version of their existing vehicle. What makes the following story unusual is the fact that the car that gets traded in is still very new and doesn't seem to be plagued by any issues. More strange still is that the owner of the Rapid Blue Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8 below traded it for a highly unusual and very different vehicle, a Mitsubishi Outlander. Not only are these two vehicles vastly different in purpose, but the Outlander is the slowest-selling vehicle in the US while the Corvette has been in high demand.

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Now for those of you who will be reading this and thinking that this is the strangest trade ever, it's not. Last year, we covered an article on someone who traded a Lamborghini for a Hyundai, but other odd examples aside, it makes a certain amount of sense. From a financial perspective, this is especially true since Vettes are fetching six figures these days. However, it seems that the reasoning is even more practical.

Apparently, the Texas resident named Tommy traded the car in because he needed a car for work, and unless you're a racing driver, an SUV will always be a more pragmatic choice for a daily driver than a mid-engined sports car.

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The car was traded in at Hurst Autoplex, where it was listed on Tuesday this week for $96,991. The dealer didn't have to wait long to cash in, as the car was sold to a gentleman named Ryan in just two hours. It seems like the ultimate deal for a car salesman to make. Not only does the dealer get its money back and more in a very short period of time, but a slow-moving vehicle also moves off the lot. As you can imagine, Hurst Autoplex's Facebook account was swamped with comments following the post of the deal, and has since been removed.

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