Texas Police Have Special Plans For This Ex-Drug Lord's Corvette

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Because the vehicle's badass.

An all black 2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is probably one of the greatest vehicles a drug lord can have. It's extremely fast, has a lot of street cred and is understated. Oh, the Z06 also has a good amount of luggage space for doing things that drug lords do: like housing narcotics. This specific Z06 was seized by New Braunfels Police Department in Texas during the course of a drug investigation and has been turned into a badass police vehicle. Now, the Police Department is looking for a name for the vehicle.

The Police Department took to Facebook to get children aged eight to 16 to come up with a name for the Z06 with some choices being "Copnado" and "Optimus Crime." As with a lot of things on the internet, there's an unfortunate twist to this. Some are claiming that the Z06 should be auctioned off as its part of an "asset forfeiture seizure." Either way, the Police Department claims that the Z06 was awarded to the law enforcement agency. Whether this vehicle should be auctioned off or not isn't up to us, but we think that they should keep it. Anyways, can anyone think of a good name for the 505-hp crime-fighting Z06?

Source Credits: www.yahoo.com

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