Texas Police Use Chevy Camaro 'Ghost' Cop Cars To Catch Bad Drivers

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These Camaros feature obscured law enforcement branding.

Some of the most interesting police cars from around the world all tend to have one commonality: they're easily visible. After all, high visibility of the police force is generally thought of as being a crime deterrent. However, the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Texas is taking the opposite approach. The department has been spotted with a fleet of Chevrolet Camaro coupes kitted out in ghost decals that make them look like any other Camaro, especially from a distance. The objective, of course, is for these discreet cars to effectively keep an eye on other road users without being seen until they want to be seen.

BruceAllmiighty/Twitter BruceAllmiighty/Twitter

These Camaros have police graphics, special lights, and most of the other features equipped to other law enforcement vehicles. However, there are no telltale top emergency lights and the reflective graphics that are used are not easy to see if the car casually passes you. It's like the opposite of the dramatic exotics used by the police in Italy.

The fleet of "ghost cars" that were pictured by a Twitter user were all finished in inconspicuous white, clearly another choice to make the cars stand out less. By comparison, the Camaro that you and I can buy has one of the most vivid color palettes available.

Chevrolet Chevrolet Chevrolet

The new 2021 Camaro can be specced in shouty hues like Wild Cherry Tintcoat, Shock (yellow), Crush (Orange), and Red Hot. Some of these colors will fall away for the 2022 model year Camaro.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many social media users and Texas residents were unimpressed with the new fleet of Camaros. One user said: "When did police become a source of revenue? This whole ghost decal isn't right in any way. You're hiding from the people you're supposed to protect." Others described the new fleet as a waste of money.

Reckless drivers who often indulge in risky high-speed maneuvers be warned: a white Chevy Camaro is waiting to catch you out.

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Source Credits: Houston Chronicle

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