Texas Shop Builds The Silverado High Country Shorty Chevy Won't

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It takes just $46,000 to get there.

It's a well-known fact that Americans like pickup trucks. On average, the number of pickup truck sales stretches into the millions each year. So it's hard to believe that Chevy doesn't let you build a single cab short-bed jam-packed with the most luxurious features you want. Until you get to Hersa Motors, that is.

Do you want a Chevrolet Silverado High Country but only want two doors and a short bed? Turns out there's a market for that. We've previously covered other shortened Silverado builds, including one built by a shop in Mexico where the shorty configuration is much more readily available.

Per The Drive, for those who'd like something closer to home, Texas-based Hersa Motors will build you the High Country-spec shorty of your dreams, almost entirely to OEM Chevy specs.

Hersa Motors
Hersa Motors
Hersa Motors
Hersa Motors

At present, the only single cab short bed Silverado 1500 you can buy is the base spec Work Truck (WT). Hersa Motors doesn't use one of these as the base for its luxury High Country builds, though. Instead, the shop buys old U-Haul single cab trucks, often that have been involved in an accident of sorts according to their history. This reduces the initial price, and Hersa repairs them while completing the conversion.

The shop shortens the frame and retrofits the new bodywork to make it all look as OEM as possible. In the process, the truck gets upgraded to luxury exterior spec, including exterior lights, chrome grille, and 22-inch wheels, many of which are genuine Chevy items.

Beneath the hood is a 5.3-liter V8 that you'd find as the standard option on a genuine Silverado High Country, with outputs of 355 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque.

The High Country Shorty isn't all exterior show, though. Hersa overhauls the cabin as well to include all the luxury materials and equipment of the top-spec Silverado. You get High Country seats, interior panels, and an electric rear window. The sole upgrade that is not in line with OEM standards is a comprehensive stereo enhancement, replete with a subwoofer to bop along with your passenger.

So how much does a shrunken Silverado High Country shorty cost you? Depending on spec (Hersa is doing 26-inch wheels on an upcoming build), the price ranges from $46,000 to $51,000 and are more an exercise in marketing for the shop than a cash grab. Compared to the price of a 2022 High Country - which increased for 2022 to $63,300 - that seems like an absolute bargain at $12,000-17,000 cheaper than the big one.

That's only if you're OK with waiting, though, as the turnaround time for such a conversion could take up to a year in the case of the red truck you see here.

Hersa Motors
Hersa Motors
Hersa Motors
Source Credits: The Drive

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