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TG Australia Brings Mad Max Interceptor Back With Concepts

Way back before Mel Gibson became a raving lunatic, he stared as Max Rockatansky in George Miller's original Mad Max film. That movie catapulted the actor's jet-black Ford Falcon XB GT351 coupe-based Interceptor into a movie icon. Now, Ford's local division, in partnership with Top Gear Australia magazine, has revealed two concept studies for a modern day Interceptor.

The group was led by the chief designer of passenger cars for the Asia, Pacific and Africa region, and the team was charged with creating several studies that paid tribute to the styling cues from the original Interceptor. In the end, two made the cut. Next, Top Gear Australia magazine readers will have the opportunity to vote on which design they would like to see be turned into a scale model and revealed publically. We'll be keeping a look out for further developments.

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