Thanks F-Pace: Jaguar Fastest Growing Auto Brand In US During 2016


Jaguar USA is popping bottles of champagne after seeing a massive growth in sales, but it isn't at the finish line just yet.

Everything is relative, which is why, even though it sold 16,777 extra vehicles in 2016 than it did in 2015, Jaguar didn't have the largest year over year increase in output. However, as reported by The Truth About Cars, Jaguar did manage the largest percent change between 2015 and 2016, helping the automaker nab the title of fastest-growing auto brand in America for 2016. This can be attributed to how badly Jaguar was doing in previous days, but it signals good times ahead.


On initial impression, it may appear that this feat was accomplished on the back of the F-Pace, and for the most part, it was. However to credit the automaker's first SUV with all of the growth it saw in 2016 is to do a disservice to the rest of the lineup, which made healthy gains in sales numbers as well. While 10,016 F-Pace SUVs were sold in 2016, contributing to the automaker's rise from 14,466 sales in 2015 to 31,243 sales in 2016, it's worth noting that passenger car purchases were up 47 percent during the same year. Jaguar plugged all of the gaps in the sedan segment, which now spans from the entry-level XE to the range-topping XJ, with the middle slot being filled by the XF. On a global scale, JRL is selling more than it ever has before.

In the US alone, these changes added up to an increase of 116 percent, far higher than Volvo's 18 percent, which makes it the runner up for the fastest grower. This increase was as steep as it was thanks to the F-Pace success story since based on the SUV alone, the automaker would have still claimed the crown of the fastest growing automaker fairly easily. So what exactly does this mean for Jaguar? For one, its total sales numbers still render it a niche automaker, and this increase should come as no surprise to anyone who sees the fact that it's trying to get past selling low volume vehicles like the F-Type by moving into more popular segments. Still, the fact that consumers are biting the bait means that the automaker still has plenty of appeal behind its badge.


Despite lacking a bit of refinement compared to some of its segment competitors (something we found out when testing the F-Type S Convertible), its stylish designs, sporting heritage, and British luxury creed seems to resonate with buyers. The fact that JLR is simply reaching out to provide these customers with an easier and more practical way to enter the Jaguar family means that we can expect the automaker to stay on its current upward trajectory. With Jaguar reaching out to the entry-level SUV segment where more volume lies with the E-Pace, we can only expect this positive trend line to continue for the British automaker.

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