Thanks To The Feds, You Will Soon Be Able To Buy Brand New Shelby Cobras


Legends never die, but now they might actually be reborn.

For what seems like the first time in automotive history, the feds are siding with car lovers. In the past, if you wanted a new DeLorean or Shelby Cobra you had to buy it in pieces and build it yourself. Only then would you be allowed to register the car and drive it around town legally. The reason for this was that safety and emissions regulations rendered these ancient-but-still-awesome beasts as unworthy for the road, so no manufacturer could get away with selling you a brand new one.

However, Congress must be infiltrated by gearheads because a recent law has just passed enabling manufacturers of low-volume cars to get away with selling nostalgic buyers brand new "turn key" versions of their favorite vehicles. The term "turn key" means a car ready to start up and go fresh after delivery. Even though these cars do not meet today's stringent safety regulations, the U.S. government is turning their heads as long as they stay rare in numbers. The only caveat is that the power plants driving these cars must meet modern day emissions standards. This might sound like a headache, but automakers that offer fuel-efficient and powerful crate engines will come to the rescue in this department.

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