That 675 LT Spider? McLaren Has Given Us An (Almost) Answer

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Oh, we so want this to happen.

Not so long ago we heard rumors that McLaren was considering a 675 LT Spider. We reached out to McLaren for a response and was told the car wouldn't be happening. The 675 LT would remain a coupe only. Fair enough, but we were also able to confirm that the 675 LT sold out. All 500 examples. In other words, demand was high, just the way McLaren wanted. But that Spider rumor just won't die, as we've learned through the grapevine. So we rang up our friends at McLaren once again in an effort to finally set the record straight.


Global Communications Director Wayne Bruce confirmed that yes, "the 675 LT was conceived as a coupe...but we are indeed receiving many enquiries about a Spider derivative which we are considering." So take that for what it is and keep an eye out. Could something be coming to, say, Geneva in March?


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