That Awesome Caddy Elmiraj Concept Could Make Production

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Let's just hope Cadillac doesn't get cold feet.

Last weekend at Pebble Beach, Cadillac unveiled what's without question one of its most beautiful concept cars in recent years. The Elmiraj is sort of a throwback to those big coupes from Caddy's heydays, and by coincidence, the newly revived brand happens to be in the market for a halo car. While there have been rumors that a big rear-wheel-drive sedan was in the works, the luxury brand's senior vice president just stated that the Elmiraj "is very doable" in terms of a production version.


Sometimes you go through these exercises to make a design statement. This car is marketable. It's practical enough to be put through the production process," stated the exec. Just as important, he further added that "our dealers really want a vehicle like this." So does this mean the Elmiraj is heading for production? Will it replace, or be in addition to, a sedan variant? No one knows just yet, but a big Cadillac RWD halo model is definitely on its way.

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