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That BMW-McLaren Supercar? It's Nonsense And Here's How We Know


Was it too good to be true?

Something didn’t smell right. When that happens it should be questioned, and that’s exactly what we did regarding that BMW-McLaren joint supercar rumor from a few days ago. Coincidentally enough, just a day or so later we also learned that BMW and Toyota/Lexus might be teaming up to develop the LFA successor alongside something else courtesy of BMW M. That we can believe because the two carmakers already have a partnership that’ll likely see a new Supra and Z4 successor.

But BMW and McLaren? For real? Nope. We reached out to a few sources but the guys at Australia’s Motoring beat us to a response. According to its source, which so happens to be M division head honcho Frank van Meel, the answer is a short and simple "no." No as in no contact whatsoever with McLaren regarding this. He claims that he hasn’t "had a phone call, Harald Kruger (BMW CEO) hasn’t had a phone call and Klaus Frohlich (BMW R&D chief) hasn’t had a phone call. We admire McLaren and we have obviously worked with them in the past, but there is nothing on the agenda," van Meel said. That's about as clear an answer as you'll ever get in the auto industry.

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Going further, he said the "halo car of the entire BMW brand is the i8 and a lot of money and engineering has been invested in it. It will remain the only halo for its lifecycle. It would make no sense for us to put a car above the i8, or even priced near it, that would have the same sort of layout but more power." The bottom line: "I don’t understand why we would need to work with McLaren for a supercar anyway. Nobody in the world is more advanced with carbon-fibre than we are."