That Giant Bus Cars Can Driver Under Is Here And As Weird As You Imagined


So what happens when it needs to turn?

So it turns out that China actually went ahead with plans to build that really strange looking bus that straddles the road. When we first reported the news that such a bus was in development, we were very interested in learning more about the technology. That being said we never thought the idea would come to fruition. But a prototype version of the bus just went on its first test run in the Chinese city of Qinhuangdao. While the test was a short and controlled one it appears as though it was very successful.

The test occurred over a controlled 300-meter length of track (about 1,000 feet) as opposed to a public street, for obvious reasons. And while the behemoth of a bus still has a long way to go development-wise this is a solid first step for one of the most interesting public transportation ideas in the world.

Luo Xiaoguang, AP
China Xinhua News
Luo Xiaoguang, AP

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