That Guy Who Sliced His Opel In Half After Getting A Divorce? Pure Bullsh*t


Yeah, we got fooled.

A few weeks ago we reported about a German guy who, in the wake of a messy divorce, decided to divide their shared possessions in half. Literally. He used saws and various other cutting tools to split everything in half from an iPhone, a teddy bear, to an entire Opel Corsa. He then proceeded to sell his half on eBay. That 1996 Corsa? It had an asking price of 30.50 Euros (for the front half). Turns out, however, that whole thing was one big marketing stunt set up by a German website that helps people find lawyers.

Kind of disappointing that this wasn't a true story, but then again it was one hell of a clever marketing tactic. It got us fooled. Anyway, here's the video and a few "for sale" images once again.

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