That Long-Rumored BMW 9 Series Super Sedan Flagship May Soon Come True

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For when a fully-loaded, even armored, 7 Series isn't good enough.

BMW revealed a gorgeous concept last year at the Beijing Auto Show, called the Vision Future Luxury Concept. Not only did it preview the design direction of future BMWs, notably the next generation 7 Series, but it also kicked potential 9 Series rumors into action. Really? Could there be anything more luxurious than a fully-equipped (possibly even bullet-proof) 7 Series? That's exactly what BMW executives are trying to determine at this very moment.

In light of the Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach and others rumors surrounding a potential Audi A9, a production version of that big Bimmer concept is now seriously being considered. If a 9 Series does come to fruition, it'd obviously be larger, thanks to a longer wheelbase, than the 7 Series. It will also feature plenty of lightweight components throughout such as carbon fiber. BMW's upcoming new CEO, Harald Krueger, is apparently a fan of having a 9 Series, even with optional suicide doors. The business case specifics are still being worked out but a final production answer is expected sometime this year in order to meet a 2017 launch date.


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