That Mystery Concept Lexus Is Bringing To Geneva Isn't Going To Be What We Hoped

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A supercar/LFA successor has already been ruled out.

Earlier this month, Lexus confirmed that it's bringing a new mystery concept to Geneva. Almost immediately people hoped the concept would preview the LFA supercar successor. Lexus denied that was true but still provided no other information as to concept's true identity. Now we're hearing from numerous sources that the concept will be a city car based on the same platform as the Toyota Yaris. Yep, that's a far cry from a supercar.

It's said to have five doors and will reach production in 2018. However, it's supposedly not an EV, with power coming from a range of engines, such as downsized turbo gasoline engines and a hybrid option. So basically it sounds like Lexus is about to reveal a concept that could be awfully similar to a past but unforgotten Toyota/Scion/Aston Martin failure: the iQ and rebadged and ridiculously overpriced Cygnet. We'll have full details for you in just a couple of weeks' time.


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