That Ridiculously Cool Callaway Corvette AeroWagen Is Coming This Year

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It was three years ago when Chevrolet first introduced the C7 Corvette. Hard to believe, we know. Not long after, Callaway Cars showed us a rendered image of its Corvette AeroWagen, essentially a shooting brake conversion. And then we waited. Then waited some more. But now Callaway has finally come through, announcing its Corvette AeroWagen will be coming in the fourth quarter of this year. For coupe models only, the carbon fiber composite structure is a one-piece autoclaved unit.

Callaway Cars

It'll operate as a liftable hatch with access to the interior, just like with the standard coupe. Installation is supposedly straight-forward and reversible if owners so choose later on. The unit itself comes in natural carbon fiber but owners can have it painted to match their car. Callaway does mention the conversion will result in a slight drop in drag coefficient, but we doubt many will care. Three years ago we learned the kit would cost $22,995, but Callaway hasn't offered any pricing updates.

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