That's All Folks: BMW i8 is Sold Out

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At least for 2014.

Love it or hate it, the BMW i8 is pretty popular. So popular in fact that it's now officially sold out for model year 2014. Set to officially arrive in anxiously awaiting owners' garages sometime in the middle of next year, BMW confirmed that its new plug-in hybrid sports car is no longer available for the time being. This same official was unable to divulge how many units have been sold. Buyers lined up from throughout Europe, the US and the Far East. What's for certain though is that i8 production is far from over.

Considering how much development cash BMW invested in the project, the car will return for the 2015 model year and for a few years thereafter. If you're too impatient to wait a year for the 2015 i8, then BMW will happily sell you an i3 in the meantime. As of now, that pure EV is still on sale, and approximately 10,000 for it have been placed.

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