That Skater Crashing Into A McLaren? It Was Totally Staged

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And here's all the proof you need.

Last week we came across a video that quickly went viral, showing what appeared to be an accident involving a skateboarder and a McLaren 12C. The driver ran a stop sign and the skater ended up smashing the windshield, followed by the 12C's passenger jumping out and attempting to chase down the punk kid. The driver then closed the door and drove off. So what was the aftermath? Nothing. It was all staged. That's right. Complete BS. We weren't the only ones to post the video and assume it to be real. As of now it's received almost 9 million views.

But NBC 9 News affiliate in Colorado was suspicious, so one of its reporters investigated. It didn't take long to uncover the publicity stunt, which was set up by a company called Mile High Drives that rents exotic cars in Denver. The company's owner even threatened to sue the station. Whatever. The guy got his publicity. All it cost him was a windshield.

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