That Subaru BRZ STI Teaser Was Not What You Thought

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This is definitely not the news we wanted to hear.

Prepare to be disappointed. Just yesterday Subaru released a few teaser images of the supposed upcoming BRZ STI. "Purity of Handling" was how the automaker described it. We got excited and so did just about everyone else. Thing is, that BRZ STI is not a true STI. No, it's just the BRZ tS. What's the tS you're asking yourself? It's a BRZ sans turbo or any extra power of any sorts; just some body modifications and suspension upgrades that the eventual BRZ STI will also have.

This now clarified information was uncovered by 7Tune, who pointed out that the time of the "leaked" STI photos on Subaru's website coincided with the automaker's 86 Festival at Fuji Speedway. That's where the BRZ tS had its debut. Yes, this BRZ tS does wear STI badges but it's simply not the real BRZ STI we've been long clamoring for. No word as to when the real BRZ STI will debut, but one thing is for certain: Subaru sure knows how to ruin a good party.

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