The 1,000 HP 'Vicious' 1965 Ford Mustang Is A SEMA Showstopper

SEMA 2016 / Comments

A blend of old and new with awesome results.

Modified Mustangs are all the rage this year at SEMA, and while most have focused on the latest generation, some tuners have opted to stick with the classics, like the sublime "Vicious," a 1965 Mustang that's been completely reworked to have an absolutely awesome list of features and modifications. Timeless Kustoms has been very busy turning out a Mustang that will make you look so hard and so fast you could accidentally snap your neck. The Stang has the bite to match the bark - and then some.

The crew fitted the old car with a 5.1-liter V8 from Ford Performance, but they added boost, a lot of it. There's a pair of Precision turbochargers found on each bank, while on the intake side there's a Magnuson TVS supercharger. With things all tuned up the result is a power figure over 1,000 horsepower. We can only imagine the sound from that big bore MagnaFlow exhaust system. All of this, including a custom roof and modified bodywork, is mounted on a custom Art Morrison chassis that makes use of Corvette-based Ridetech Triple Adjustable coilovers. To get the power down, the drivetrain was also given a once over, so we find a Centreforce DYAD clutch and a sequential 6-speed transmission.

Drew Phillips
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Corners see fitment of a set of 19-inch wheels, through which you can see the massive carbon ceramic brake discs and 6-pot calipers that will reign in the Mustang from high speeds with ease. The interior is "red"y for action, there's so much red that it looks like Freddy Kreuger and Dexter had a party in there. Buckets, a cage, a custom dash complete with a Motec digital display, a clip-fff Sparco steering wheel and paddles for the sequential 'box are all in play. There are "rear seats" that won't ever see passengers, they're more of a parcel shelf, which is handy because the trunk is home to the fuel tank. This is one seriously badass Mustang that will be talked about for some time to come.

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