The 1,500-HP Koenigsegg Regera Has No Transmission And Is A Whole New Breed Of Hypercar


Perfection on wheels.

The Koenigsegg Regera was built to be a hypercar for everyday use, if such a thing were actually possibly. The exquisite hypercar comes with more creature comforts than previous Koenigsegg models, such as a more comfortable chassis and a significantly quieter powerbase. Christian von Koenigsegg himself told us at Geneva last March that the Regera rides like a GT car, but it's still a true hypercar performance wise. It has a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 capable of 1,500 hp. And that’s not all.

What really puts it in a league of its own is its complete lack of a transmission. That’s right, there is no gearbox whatsoever. One of the motivations behind this was that Koenigsegg wanted to eliminate the time it takes to switch gears, and the best way to do that is, of course, to completely eliminate gears altogether. The elimination of a gearbox also removed a lot of weight that the heavy 253-pound lithium-polymer battery added. Instead of a conventional transmission, the Regera has been equipped with an entirely unique "Direct Drive" system that sends power directly to its three electric motors.

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As the name suggests, the Direct Drive produces one seamless drive without any gear-shifting interruptions and is viewed, at least by Koenigsegg, as the next natural step in hypercar evolution. Gearboxes are considered by the Swedish carmaker to be too noisy, inefficient and power draining for the next generation of hypercars. While Ferrari and many others are keen on dual-clutch gearboxes, Koenigsegg is already moving ahead with this entirely new form of power distribution technology. Should we have expected anything less from these guys? Not at all.