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The 1964 Porsche 356 that Refuses to Die

After clocking nearly a million miles it still serves as a daily driver.

There’s something about older cars that makes them special. They may not have the performance capabilities of modern cars, but they’ve got something else that’s harder to come by: character. Guy Newark has been driving his father’s Porsche 356 for 45 years now and, not surprisingly, it still runs amazingly well. Part of the reason why is because Newark is very strict about its maintenance: every 3,000 miles it goes to the same mechanic who’s watched over the car for 40 years.

And thanks to this upkeep, the 356 has nearly one million miles on its clock. Will today’s Porsches still be running a half century from now or will all of those fancy electronic systems crap out before then? Only time will tell. Photography by Sean Lorentzen

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