The 1967 Marzal Is The Most Insane Lamborghini You've Never Seen

You won't believe the reason this never made production.

It's a shame that supercar-producing legend Lamborghini never let this reach production. Despite being the only six cylinder Lambo everconceived, the production of this 1967 see-through supercar was shot down forwhat is probably the most unusual reason we could imagine. In the words of the company's founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, producing the Marzal just wouldn’t have beenappropriate because “a lady’s legs would be there for all to see.”

Unfortunately, Mr.Lamborghini’s concern about the privacy of passengers was enough to stifle thecreative efforts of Macello Gandini and Italian partner company Bertone, thegroup that designed and built the car earlier that year. Although thispolarizing piece of automotive history may have never made production, it’s stillinspiring to see that it was highly valued when it was auctioned in 2011. Ontop of that, we can also admire the extended-length transparent gullwing doors and perhaps also the variety of models Bertone and Lamborghini felt were necessary toshow off the car in outlandish fashion.

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