The 1988 Chrysler New Yorker "Was a Whored Up Lebaron"

And it even had digital gauges, because technology.

The K cars literally saved Chrysler from death in the 1980s. Thank the great Lee Iacocca for that. Whether it was the Chrysler Lebaron, Plymouth Reliant or the Dodge Dynasty, people bought them in droves. And yes, they were pretty ugly, but affordable. Then that same platform was used to create the very first minivan, the Caravan. Yes, Iacocca was a damn genius. Then he retired in 1992 and the automaker nearly went down the crapper, again.

But before he left, Iacocca made the New Yorker sedan happen, a more affordable alternative to Lincolns and Cadillacs. Consider it a Lebaron with leather, bench seats, and cheesy late 80s digital technology.

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