The 2,000 HP Furious 7 Maximus Charger Is The Meanest Thing On Four Wheels

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100% Badass.

This insane 1968 "Maximus" Charger is an incredible piece of custom auto engineering that was driven by Vin Diesel and made famous in the final and tear jerker scene of "Furious 7." This beauty was built by Nelson Supercars and Scott Spock Racing and is capable of producing a mind-boggling 2,000 hp from its all-aluminum 572 twin-turbo Hemi under the hood. This thing is equipped with all sorts of unique modifications to maximize its performance output that are way too numerous to list.

Some notable mods include the front and rear suspension that were specially designed and handcrafted. And if that weren't enough, the amazing body work took 4,000 hours to complete. Check out the video to get an up close look.

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