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The 2005 Audi A4 Quattro is More Than Just a Subaru Outback from Germany


But is it anything more than a VW Passat wagon with AWD?

Audi and its Quattro all-wheel-drive technology are often considered benchmarks. In fact, the latest generation Subaru Outback was benchmarked against the Audi Q5. But aside from today’s Allroad, there isn’t an Audi wagon currently sold in the US. Around a decade or so ago, however, there was the A4 Quattro wagon. It’s sort of become something of a collector’s thing for wagon nuts. You really don’t see too many of them on the road. That’s because they didn’t sell in huge numbers.

Those who bought one though knew they had something that wasn’t exactly special, but unique. It had a decently powerful turbo four, AWD, and plenty of cargo space. OK, so it was built on the same platform as the then VW Passat, but was it any better? Regular Car Reviews gets behind the wheel of a 2005 model to find out.

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